Rapid Bay Diver’s Pavilion


Rapid Bay is internationally known as a dive site to view the rare Leafy Sea Dragon. Although facilities are currently limited, the diving community is visiting the area in increasing numbers.



Adelaide Brighton Cement Limited


Rapid Bay

South Australia


Concept design


In progress



Project Objectives

1. To provide an amenities facility of a quality commensurate with the international reputation of Rapid Bay as a dive site

2. To positively manage access and use of the land for recreational activities

3. To provide, robust and safe facility that requires minimum maintenance in an area that is relatively remote and unsupervised

4. To accommodate the large fluctuation of visitors to Rapid Bay over the annual cycle

5. To provide opportunities for telling the stories of Rapid Bay, including
– Its significance for the Traditional Owners
– Information on the dive site
– Its history in the establishment of the province of South Australia
– Its history as a mining resource for BHP and then Adelaide Brighton Cement Limited