Flinders University Factory of the Future


Innovation occurs at the boundaries


Creating Australia’s first reconfigurable ‘Future Factory’, this feasibility and vision is about connecting Australian companies with the latest manufacturing technologies, research expertise and providing training to modernise workforces.


The 4,000m2 facility not only provides state of the art facilities to develop innovation in next generation manufacturing, it also allows the public to engage with and understand the concepts behind Industry 4.0 – the key to our future as an industrial nation.


The proposal draws on the guiding principles below that were developed by former Hassell (now Baukultur) Principals Chris Watkins and David Homburg for the Hassell led Flinders at Tonsley Engineering School. Design was led by Baukultur designer Gabrielle Seymour while at Hassell.

The ideas incubator – The factory fuses industry with teaching and research; Flinders staff, students, start ups, from various backgrounds; a cross pollination of ideas. Revealing the purpose – highly transparent and accessible to those within Flinders and the wider Tonsley community. Transforming how things are done – Creating useable circulation spaces that are capable of being used as testing grounds to maximise floor utilisation. Capturing the Connections – Sitting between T1 and T2, occupants will have the ability to network between the buildings via the factory and bridge links. Occupants have the opportunity to witness the great research and testing being conducted in the factory as they network either into the factory or T1/2. Resilience and Flexibility – A large open volume of space for ease of reconfigurability with the ability to spill out an into surrounding areas at ground level.

A place you’d rather be – the factory will be the envy of all other research, prototyping and testing facilities globally

“Step change strategies are needed to enable Australia and SA to be at the centre of this technological revolution. Large scale ‘Factories of the Future’ are playing a key role in accelerating this transition in the UK, Europe and the United States”


Professor John Spoehr, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research Impact and Director of the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute


Flinders’ Factory of the Future heralds new era for manufacturing



Flinders University Australian Industrial Transformation Institute


Tonsley, SA, Australia




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