CAA Higher Courts Redevelopment


The Redevelopment of the Higher Courts involved the refurbishment of Level 5 Sir Samuel Way District Court building and the Supreme Court site in three distinct phased stages. The design and strategy was led by former HASSELL Principal and Justice sector leader Mariano De Duonni (now Baukultur).

The Sir Samuel Way Level 5 refurbishment is an internal fit out that will mirror other criminal court floors.


However, upgrades of the Supreme Court site over time has resulted in multiple public entry points to each individual building, leading to a cross over of public and judicial circulation routes. This has compromised safety, security and operational efficiency as well as equity of access.


The process of intelligent design thinking managed to resolve these aspects by introducing new additions between the heritage buildings to resolve the deficiencies. With a new  ‘singular point’  of public entry, a public lobby space and the reversal of the court room planning, the  public can now enter court rooms from a new central lobby without crossing judiciary circulation paths.


The new complex will bring together the best of the old and the new, combining the latest in court room technology, acoustics, security and performance while maintaining the heritage setting. It will be a significantly improved, safe and secure environment for both visitors and those operating the court facility.



DPTI, Courts Administration Authority


Adelaide, South Australia




Full design and delivery