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Adelaide Concert Hall Scoping Study

Adelaide, South Australia


Arts, culture and creativity are fundamental to our society – supporting social cohesion, skills linked to employment, economic return, health, wellbeing and identity. It’s what drove Government to undertake a comprehensive review of the South Australian arts, culture and creative sector. The product of that work was the Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019-2024.

A key recommendation of the plan was for the State to fund a business case to assess the viability of a concert hall to serve the local music industry, as a home for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adelaide Youth Orchestras, and as a hub for music education.

Image supplied by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Baukultur, along with our project partners Johnstaff and AEN Advisory have undertaken a Scoping Study in order to inform the Government on the following in order to determine whether to proceed to develop a business case for a facility:

– The need for a new venue
– Objectives and outcomes being targeted (including who (uses it), what for and how often)
– National and international trends (business and artistic) for music venues
– Key stakeholder considerations, and
– High-level development options.

Work undertaken as part of this Scoping Study included:
– Context analysis, including the SA context, international context and stakeholder verification
– A Strategic Assessment including an Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) process, options development and a risk assessment
– Shortlisting Options through a multi-criteria analysis developed during the ILM process
– Case studies and learnings from a deeper dive into several key venues identified and agreed by the stakeholders
– Ownership and Governance considerations



“The UNESCO Creative Cities Network is first and foremost a space for collaboration and experimentation to invent the city of tomorrow.”

Ernesto Ottone R., Assistant Director-General for Culture UNESCO.


The study has identified the potential a multi-faceted and community focussed concert hall and education facility with associated supporting infrastructure that will deliver key strategic benefits to the state, including the enhancement of Adelaide’s reputation as a UNESCO City of Music.



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