Baukultur [is a compound word]; it combines the verb to build or construct (Bau-) and the noun for culture or civilisation (Kultur), giving it a simultaneous meaning of a society’s particular ‘culture of building’ (how they go about creating their built environments) and the ‘building of this culture’ (how the quality of what they do and what they produce can be raised).

Matthew Trigg, Public Affairs Manager at London North Eastern Railway

It is with great delight that Chris Watkins, David Homburg and Mariano De Duonni announce that this morning our new design practice Baukultur opens its doors in the Darling Building, 28 Franklin Street, Adelaide South Australia.

Baukultur isn’t business as usual – its driving force is design, but it is much more than a traditional architecture practice.

We will be harnessing our skills as designers, working collaboratively with our clients and our communities, and using ‘design thinking’ to create solutions to current-day challenges – built environments that have enduring cultural, social, environmental and economic value.

We know from 85 years of practice experience between us that design is a powerful tool for generating creative new solutions to disparate and complex challenges. We will continue to design, and we will use design processes to provide even more focused, strategic and uplifting outcomes in the built environments around us.

Our practice will work toward both the creation ‘of architecture’ and ‘the architecture of’ a particular outcome – this is where our value as designers lies.

We can’t think of a better place than Adelaide to strike out in a new direction at the end of our long association with Hassell. We live and work here in Adelaide because we love the place and believe in this city.

And working with are us some of the most talented people you can find anywhere!

We know that it is a great place for incubating new ideas and doing business across the globe – if you can get something working here, it will work anywhere.

Baukultur’s purpose is about giving life to the insights that arise when design thinking inspires our collective imaginations.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with you.