Salisbury Community Hub


This project, designed by Hassell and led by former Hassell (now Baukultur) Principal David Homburg is all about creating, cultivating and inspiring a culturally diverse community.


Located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, it has rapidly become the thriving heart of the City of Salisbury since opening in late 2019.


Assisted by Baukultur architect Raphael Christinat and interior designer Kyrstyan Mcleod while they were at Hassell, it is designed around the principles of it being a market place for community activities, enterprise and resource an open and welcoming place where the community can connect with their council. It is also a catalyst for the next chapter of the evolution of the Salisbury City Centre, a place where community, business and local government work together for the benefit of the city.

The principles of town square markets – openness, choice, vitality and ease of access – form the basis of the community spaces.

The shifts between each of the floor levels provide a variety of overhangs, shaded spaces and terraces, successfully negating the impact of such a large building in a high street setting

Internal voids and openings visually and physically connect community and workplace areas, breaking down the barriers between council staff and the community they serve

The jewel in the project is the old town cemetery.


The building embraces it as an integral part of the cultural of the town centre, a part of the experience of the civic centre.



City of Salisbury




Design advisory through to full design and delivery


$A 32M






Lillie Thompson, Raphael Christinat


Closer Productions