30 Pirie St Lobby and EOT Upgrade

Adelaide South Australia


The new design will reposition the building within it’s precinct, providing it with an uplift that makes it comparable to other A grade building stock. The project aspires to meet and exceed the expectations of businesses looking to lease space in the heart of Adelaide.

Our core design principle is to identify the numerous unique assets of the building and it’s context, revealing and exploiting them. The solutions will be high quality, sophisticated and timeless to work with the architecture both internally and externally allowing the building to be the hero without unnecessary embellishment.

The building’s location and new centralised entry doors create a direct connection from the forecourt on Pirie St through to the new northern Park entry. The ability to provide trees on the forecourt and seating along Exchange Place is unique to this address.

A rigorous approach to lighting that considers 24 hours of visibility is embedded in the concept. During the day the lobby is flooded with natural light, innovative lighting solutions have been proposed to work with the variable light. For evening impact the new inserted framed facade and the mezzanine stair will incorporate lighting and become glowing beacons. In ground lighting embedded in the forecourt and bollard ‘lamp’ lighting will visually connect the external spaces with the internal street through to the park entry.

Key design considerations include the following:

  • Public interface; all sides of the building that people connect with including the pockets of space on the side streets will be considered, giving back to the public domain with refreshed landscaping, bike parking and places to dwell.
  • The forecourt, a natural extension of the lobby, is designed to maximize the usable flat space without creating visual or physical barriers to pedestrian movement. Landscaped to connect the northern park with the forecourt.
  • The building’s location allows it to have two front doors (no back door), both with new revolving doors, connected via the internal street.
  • Improving permeability transparency and access into and out of the lobby attracting people to use the café, powered banquette seats, lounges and forum as part of the daily ritual.
  • A feature of the lobby is the double height space with views to the mezzanine, removing the obscure full height glass, providing a new balustrade with plants incorporated and a new feature stair the spaces will be connected bringing purpose and activity the entire ground floor experience.
  • Revealing the original auditorium and giving it new life provides a unique bookable space to the Pirie St neighbourhood for many different events.





Adelaide, South Australia


Full design and delivery

Completion date

In progress – 2024